IDB: Significant growth in 2015 for Gervasoni and Meridiani

In the wonderful setting of Meridiani showroom in Corso Venezia in Milan, IDB has presented to the press the 2015 financial statements of its 2 subsidiaries, namely Gervasoni Spa and Meridiani Srl. Very positive results for both companies, which has been persisting their development path for several years: for Gervasoni, the 2015 saw a homogeneous growth for the group , with turnover increasing by 5.7% -equivalent to 24 million Euro-and average annual growth rate (CAGR) equal to about 9% over the past five years. Also Meridiani imprinted a significant boost to its financials in 2015, which closed with a turnover of 17.2 million, more than 15% compared to 2014, and an average annual growth rate (CAGR) by almost 7% over the past five years.
Great satisfaction was expressed by the Top Management of IDB, which is encountering increasingly strong interest in the market, with many opportunities being evaluated and potentially promising for future acquisitions.