Company Profile

“Harmony and creativity for a perfect living experience”.

This is the inspiring principle that accompanies Saba from the beginning.
Saba, an Italian company headquartered in S. Martino Di Lupari near Padova, that since 1987 dedicates its project to the culture of relaxing. It is not just a simple slogan, but a genuine mood, an existential approach that has become an entrepreneurial adventure.

Saba is an all round feminine brand, from the team spirit that animates it, to the round and cozy collections it realizes, to the collaborations it selects.
All this in a world which still uses a prevalently masculine language.
Saba is one of the few companies in the sector to be guided by a woman entrepreneur, Amelia Pegorin, who has led the company to success by means of a keen creative sensibility and a “humanistic” approach to business management which always puts the client’s need in the forefront.
Saba’s journey can be summed up as “sophisticated but democratic elegance” and “rational material, but in the spirit of levity”. For Saba, uniting femininity and rationality means to create soft and welcoming sofas, in a word, feminine, but also products with more linear and geometric lines – for their rationality more attributable to a masculine trait – that maintain however the lightness of the gesture, that makes the elements shift.
Saba is not only a thought of elegance and esthetics, but can converge in forms of expression that cross more rational territories, where there is always, however, a common thread that connects a contemplation of lightness and of giving oneself more choices.
What distinguishes Saba is its unmistakable way of combining every shape to the poetry of color and to the textiles’ substance.
Saba’s is a customized design, the company offers as an extra benefit the possibility of choosing among a vast and refined choice of textiles and different esthetical languages, giving the customer the opportunity of personalizing his choice in full.




CAGR 2014 – 2017