Company Profile

Founded in 1882, the company is currently managed by the third generation of the family with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni.
Gervasoni designs, manufactures and markets high level furniture solutions for the residential market (for both indoor and outdoor use) and for the contract sector (luxury hotels, restaurants and cruise ships).
Gervasoni Group headquarters and main production facility is located in Pavia di Udine, another production facility is located in Premariacco (UD) for a total surface of 40000 sqm. Gervasoni Group counts 84 employees in the two production facilities.
Collaboration with some of the most qualified international designers such as Paola Navone – Gervasoni art director since 1998, guarantees the aesthetic quality of the products and continued experimentation with new materials. Sustainability is a commitment that the company pursues in all phases of the production cycle. Commitment to the environment is recognized by several environmental certifications: the Quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, the Environmental Management Certification UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004, the Occupational Health and Management Safety System Certification OHSAS 18001: 2012.





CAGR SALES 1998 - 2013

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  • 1882


    Società Friulana Industria Vimini

    In 1882 the “Società Friulana Industria Vimini” starts its business in the production of furniture and wicker products.

  • 1925


    Giovanni Gervasoni Senior, the importance of the production

    Giovanni Gervasoni Sr. takes over the company and changes the name in Gervasoni&C. The production evolves from a craft into an industrial production, involving new materials such as rattan, bamboo and cane. He also starts exploring the market of northern Italy and, later, the rest of the country.

  • design revolution


    Piero Gervasoni and the design revolution

    Piero Gervasoni, son of Giovanni, joins the company contributing to its growth and bringing the design to support and change the more traditional production of Gervasoni. A new era for Gervasoni, rich of fundamental changes.

  •  brand internationalization


    Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni, the brand internationalization

    The sons of Piero Gervasoni join the company in early 1990, in a period of crisis dictated by the changing of the market. They start a big revolution making completely different products. Thanks to this change, Gervasoni becomes a leader in the design in the furniture market and in the international scene

  • Paola Navone


    Paola Navone

    Paola Navone becomes Gervasoni Art Director and the creative force behind the collections which continues today to be successful in the world market.

  • Very Wood


    I.F.A. and Very Wood

    The investment in the contract market: Gervasoni takes over Ifa srl, a small, contract chair manufacturer, respected for its product quality and customer service. From which they create the new brand Very Wood.

  • Letti&Co.



    The launching of the new brand Letti&Co. with Paola Navone as Art Director, dedicated to the culture of good sleep

  • 2015

    Join in Italian Design Brands

    Join in Italian Design Brands